Dr. Wilfried Zoungrana

Which degree program/course do you teach? Which module?

I am a lecturer in the Digital Marketing and E-Commerce (Bachelor), Media and Event Management (Bachelor) and International Marketing and Media Management (Master) degree programs. In the Bachelor's programs I teach "Data Analytics" and "Social Media" and in the Master's program the module "Business Intelligence and Data Science" together with other lecturers.

What special practical expertise do you contribute to your teaching?

I work for an IT service provider. We manage more than a dozen web stores in various industries. In total, there are more than 2 million products and 30,000 daily orders. We have a warehouse through which we handle fulfillment for our customers, as well as our own marketing channels. We also build all the necessary ERP systems and software ourselves and maintain the databases and data.
Students can be shown what the lifecycle of data looks like in e-commerce: from the order being placed by the customer to reporting. Students learn how to send queries to a database, perform various aggregation techniques, and what tools to use to visualize data and then present the results. They also learn which algorithms of applied statistics can be used for which problems.

What comes to mind when you think about recent practice projects at Media University?

I particularly think back with pleasure on two projects. In the Data project, students were to collect book data from the Google API (for more than 20 attributes), write it to a CSV file, as well as load it into a SQL database. Then they were to visualize the data in Tableau and map their own reading trends.
The other project was in the social media module. There, the students had been tasked by an agency (which we had won) to create content for a payment system they were developing. The students developed various content for TikTok, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc. The client was very pleased and subsequently offered two students jobs as working students. 

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