An illustrative journey of snow: Bringing natural sciences to life through visual experience

Making scientific processes tangible and understandable for everyone: This was the goal of master's student Zingsho Vashum (M.A. Communication Design) in her final project. She took a closer look at the formation of snow and designed, among other things, an installation that allows viewers to engage with this fascinating natural phenomenon in a haptic and accessible way.

Student:Zingsho Vashum
Department:Design, Campus Berlin
Mentors:Prof. Jan-Henning Raff, Prof. Jenny Bergström
Degree:Master of Arts

Winter term 2020/21


Her project idea combines the areas of data visualization, inclusive design, illustration, and the recreation of natural forms with the help of visual programming. Through interactive storytelling, the project aims to bring the viewer closer to scientific processes and provide an immersive learning experience. The goal of the project is to reconcile illustration and science. Viewers can interact with the installation - and thus have a more lasting experience than if they could only look at it or read the accompanying text.


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