WOW and CLEAR! Design Show EXPOSED at Campus Berlin

The EXPOSED summer exhibition at the Berlin Campus was a great success last weekend. The event attracted numerous visitors who were eager to discover the impressive student work of the Department of Design. The diversity of the exhibited projects from various degree program as well as graduates' final projects was outstanding.

The exhibition presented - this time in an unusual location directly under the roof of Media University - an impressive range of projects from different design areas such as illustration, editorial design, branding, motion design, game design, design thinking, strategy, poster design and photography. The works showcased a high level of creativity and talent among the students.


This time, the Berlin designers also ventured an experiment with their show: they invited the audience of this year's summer exhibition to judge the students' work according to the WOW and CLEAR criteria. "The access of our Exposed exhibition is meant to stimulate thinking about how much of the great concepts that are out there are actually understood and how to think about making them even more accessible to reach even more people, if necessary, and convey all the great thoughts, stories, etc.", explains Andine Müller, lecturer in the Department of Design.

On the exhibition's website, interested people can still have a look at the exhibited works as well as submit reviews anonymously.




On Friday and Saturday, the event offered visitors the opportunity to talk to students and other guests in an informal atmosphere. New contacts were made and there was a lively exchange about the projects presented. The EXPOSED Design Show at Campus Berlin was once again an impressive demonstration of the potential of the young talents of our Design Department at Media University Berlin, who can hardly wait to conquer the design world.

We are excited about further projects and look forward to future design events at Campus Berlin!

Photos: Nora Bibel and Deborah Bischofberger