Expanding horizons during a semester abroad in Dublin

From Media University Frankfurt to Dublin Business School: Ali Kanchwala, student of M.A. International Marketing and Media Management, has taken the plunge and spent a varied and very beneficial semester abroad at one of Media University's partner universities. Here he reports on his best experiences and how the semester in Dublin prepared him for his future career.

Ali Kanchwala is studying the M.A. International Marketing and Media Management at Campus Frankfurt.

Ali Kanchwala is studying the M.A. International Marketing and Media Management at Campus Frankfurt.

At which university did you spend your semester abroad?

Through Media University, I got an opportunity to spend one of my semesters abroad in Dublin Business School in the beautiful country Ireland. It was the best decision and one of the most amazing experiences I had in my life.

How would you describe your experience abroad?

Studying in Ireland allowed me to travel and explore places which I dreamed of, while also gaining quality education at the university. I learned a lot about myself and gained insights into potential career routes that I will pursue in future. Moreover, it has changed my life in so many positive ways, and I believe it can do the same for someone else the way it did for me.

What was the biggest challenge during your semester abroad?

New experiences will always come with different obstacles. The challenge which I personally faced was with the accommodation. As Dublin is the busiest city in Ireland, finding accommodation specially within the budget and near city center is very difficult. Therefore, I had to stay in the hostel for almost 2 weeks after my arrival. Therefore, make sure you arrange your stay beforehand. Moreover, watch out for the scams while searching online through different platforms and website. Similarly, make sure you personally visit and get official contract before making any payments.

Secondly, Dublin is known for its windy and unpredictable weather so make sure to come prepared with proper arrangements.


How does campus life at Dublin Business School differ from that in Germany?

Due to the hybrid semester and peak COVID times in Germany, I was not able to experience a lot of on-campus life at Media University Frankfurt. However, during my semester exchange program, I found myself very lucky to get a full on-campus experience with so many local and international student which gave me an opportunity to stay socially active and allowed me to make many new friends from different cultural backgrounds.

DBS is a very welcoming place, and from the first day, I felt like home. Similarly, the student council team at DBS were extremely supportive and were actively arranging different activities and events such as rafting, hiking, city tours and parties for students every once in a while, so overall it has given a perfect mix of adventures and built more interests to try new things outside my comfort zone.

How did your studies in Ireland influence you? For example, in terms of your later career goals.

I always wanted to expand my knowledge when it comes to the digital aspects and strategies of marketing. Considering the fact that Ireland is the hub and European headquarters for a large number of IT companies. Luckily, the Dublin business school offers a variety of programs which an exchange student can choose. Therefore, I got opportunity to select web marketing and cloud technologies related courses which definitely enhanced my skills and gave me many expertise in that field. Especially in the times we live in, where digital transformation and technology is increasing rapidly. My studies in Ireland has definitely added value to my resume and provided me a competitive advantage in the job market. I am now much confident, as it has strongly enriched my future career goals.


What would you recommend to other Media University students for their semester/time abroad?

To be able to study in another country is a gift. This gift provides students with not only incredible experiences and stories, but also a new perspective, and appreciation for other cultures and people.

I would highly recommend and encourage Media University students who want to seek an adventure in their lives. Go for it! Don’t be afraid to expand your horizons; Sky is the limit. it’s an absolutely delightful experience! This semester abroad opportunity from Media University has certainly shaped who I am and provided me with lifelong memories.

Thank you for the interview and for sharing your experience with us. All the best to you and much success in the future!