Equality and diversity

The self-perception of the Media University is based on humanistic-democratic values, ​​such as openness and tolerance. We therefore proactively support corresponding international conventions and statutory requirements: Media University promotes equal opportunity for participation of all people in an inclusive and unified community for learning and working. We try to actively counteract discrimination based on sex, age, ethnicity, religion /creed, sexual identity or physical disability.

This claim does not just require adequate response to discrimination, exclusion, and inequality. Rather, affirmative action specifically directed against inequality is necessary, i.e. preventive and corrective measures on the levels of structure, organization, and personal communication.

These measures can be grouped into two categories, which express two complementary strategies for the implementation of the principle of equality:

1.     Diversity management: promotion of interculturality, tolerant language, gender mainstreaming, inclusion

2.     Anti-discrimination: compliance with the equal opportunities law, compensation of disadvantage, accessibility

The development and implementation of anti-discriminatory measures is lead and organized by our women’s and equal opportunities representatives.

In case of serious disadvantage and impairment, compensation for such disadvantages can and should be granted for examinations and, if necessary, for the organization of study. The nature and extent of the compensatory measures must be determined on a case-by-case basis.

Information on accessibility can be found on the web pages of our individual locations.

Women's representative Berlin

Prof. Dr. Tong-Jin Smith

E-Mail: t.smith (at) media-university.de

Equal opportunities representative Berlin

Jörg Brunsendorf

E-Mail: j.brunsendorf (at) media-university.de

Tel: +49 (0)30/46 77 693 - 98

Deputy Equal opportunities/Women's representative Berlin

Jeannine Muhlack

E-Mail: j.muhlack (at) media-university.de

Tel: +49 (0)30/46 77 693 - 19

Equal opportunities representative Cologne

Gaby Buchholz

E-Mail: g.buchholz (at) media-university.de

Tel: +49 (0)221 / 222 139 - 29

Women's representative Frankfurt

Dr. Giulia Ghonzoli

E-Mail: g.ghonzoli (at) media-university.de

Tel: +49 (0)69 / 50 50 253 - 99

Equal opportunities representative Frankfurt

Nicole Schondorf

E-Mail: n.schondorf (at) media-university.de

Tel: +49 (0)69 / 50 50 253 - 97