Admission requirements Bachelor programs

  • The formal admission requirement is the full university entrance qualification (Fachhochschulreife) or the general university entrance qualification (Abitur). For the full university entrance qualification, the school-leaving and practical parts must already have been obtained before the start of the course, i.e. these cannot be obtained after the start of the course, not even during the course itself.
  • There is no numerus clausus (NC); instead, an internal university selection procedure decides on your admission. To participate in the admission process, please complete the online application form. After submitting the form, your information will be checked by us and the student advisory team will contact you to arrange an appointment for the admission procedure. All next steps will be discussed with you and you will be advised in detail.
  • The selection process takes place online. Otherwise, you can participate in the selection process at all Media University locations regardless of your desired study location. If you have applied for one location, you only have to go through the procedure once.
  • If you have not yet obtained your Abitur, you can still apply to us: In this case, please enclose a copy of your last school report with your documents.
  • If you would like to study B.A. Graphic Design and Visual Communication, please bring a portfolio (no loose sheets or files) with your own work or submit it as a PDF. This PDF should not be larger than 15 MB.

What should be included in the portfolio?

  • 10-15 works, preferably on one topic, not only drawings and paintings, especially visual communication!
  • Sketches showing the process of creation and explanatory texts are also welcome.

What else is required besides a portfolio? 

Additionally, you will be possibly assigned a small homework topic.

Admission without advanced technical college entrance qualification or general university entrance qualification

In accordance with the Berlin Higher Education Act (BerlHG), it is also possible to study at Media University without an Abitur if you have

  • have completed an advanced training course (in accordance with the Crafts Code, Vocational Training Act, etc.) or a technical college course (at a state-recognized technical college), or
  • have completed at least two years of vocational training. More detailed information can be found in BerlHG §11 or please contact our study advisory team.

Required language skills

  • If your native language is not English, we still expect a good knowledge of the English language. For the B.A. Graphic Design and Visual Communication program, we require language level B2 (European Framework of Reference CEFR).

Preparatory courses for prospective international Bachelor students

Prospective foreign students whose higher education entrance qualification (HZB) is not recognised as equivalent to at least our vocational diploma (Fachabitur) must attend a state or state-recognised preparatory course (Studienkolleg) for one year and pass the assessment test at the end, which is intended to prove their ability to study at a German higher education institution in a specific subject area. There are a total of four types of courses at Studienkollegs that specifically prepare students for studies in the respective subject area:

  • W => economic and social science study programs

  • T => mathematical-scientific and technical study programs

  • M => medical, biological, chemical and pharmaceutical study program

  • S/G => philological and humanities study programs


  • B. A. Journalismus und Unter­neh­mens­­kommu­ni­ka­tion: W, S/G
  • B. A. Grafikdesign und Visuelle Kommunikation: T, W, S/G
  • B.A. Graphic Design and Visual Communication T, W, S/G
  • B. A. Game Design und Interaktive Medien: T, W, S/G
  • B. A. Medien- und Event­management: W, S/G
  • B. A. Digitales Marketing und E-Commerce: T, W
  • B. Sc. Medien- und Wirtschafts­­psychologie: M, W, G


Please use our online application form and attach the following documents as PDF:

  • Certified copy* of your Advanced Placement Exams certificate (A-levels, baccalaureate, Abitur etc.)
  • An official certificate of equivalence for any documents/qualifications issued outside Germany to show that they are equivalent to German documents/qualifications**
  • Portfolio

* Provided the original document is shown, copies can be authenticated by the Media University administrative office.
** via Zeugnisanerkennungsstelle of the Berlin Senate Administration, Uni-Assist or other services.

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