Overseas Advisors

Media University is expanding its international networks beyond Europe. We currently collaborate with institutions in China. Prospective students from these countries can contact our China advisor directly.

China Office

Mr Ming Cheng, director of Ming CHENG Akademie in Leipzig and Halle, has been Media University’s China representative since 2013.

He consults and supports applicants from China for Bachelor or Master studies at Media University in Berlin, Cologne and Frankfurt. He is the first point of contact for Chinese nationals with regards to visa applications, ASP (Akademische Prüfstelle, the Bejing-based academic verifying authority) queries, preparation to study abroad, university entrance examinations, German language acquisition and certification, etc.

One major hurdle for Chinese applicants who wish to study at a German university is the non-recognition of the Chinese high school diploma as a university entrance qualification in Germany. In order to become eligible for admission at a German university, a one-year Studienkolleg course (preparatory college) must be completed.

Ming CHENG Akademie runs a state-approved Studienkolleg in Halle, which offers T, W, M and S/G courses. Its final assessment examination, the so-called Feststellungsprüfung, opens doors to all German universities, including Media University.

In addition, a proof of German language proficiency is required. This can be taken at Ming CHENG Akademie's telc Prüfungszentrum Leipzig, covering all levels from A1 to C2.