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The Master's program M.Sc. Business Psychology is aimed at graduates of psychology programs and is also open to lateral entrants from social and economic science fields of study (details under admission requirements). The program provides in-depth knowledge of business psychology, which is becoming increasingly important in a market characterized by fierce competition for economic resources, personal attention or professional talent.

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Program in brief

StartApril or October
DegreeMaster of Science (M.Sc.)
LocationBerlin, Cologne, Frankfurt Main


English (Campus Berlin, Frankfurt Main) | bilingual in German and English (Campus Cologne)

Written work can be submitted in either language of choice

Tuition feesFull-time: 850,- € monthly | Part-time: on request only


Full-time: 4 semesters | Part-time: according to module assignment


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Reasons for studying at Media University

✔️ state-recognized
✔️ practice-oriented
✔️ modern & creative learning
✔️ NC-free selection process


Testimonials from our students

„A lot of courses focus on the current and future changes in our digitalized world, which are of course also immensely reflected in our working environment. All and all an exciting and interactive study program with high practical relevance.“ – David Jüngling ➡️ Find out more in the full Interview

"For me, the MA Business Psychology course had a good balance of theory and practical projects. I enjoyed the diversity in the course modules from Marketing to User Experience to Human & Organizational Resource Management." – Vedanti Shinde ➡️ Find out more in the full Interview

☀️ Job profiles

Exemplary professional fields of our graduates: Business coach, career coach, trainer, strategy consultant, personnel consultant, head of personnel development, outplacement consultant, facilitator in OHM, market researcher, management assistant 
Well-being manager, coach, management consultant, expert for new work and change management. 


☀️ The program in detail


Specializing in the theory and practice of business psychology, with a non-clinical, analytical and consultancy oriented perspective that is highly relevant for the job market

Learning outcomes:

Ability to analyse and solve issues related to human resources, industrial, organizational and other business related processes from a business psychology standpoint, within a research or practitioner/consultancy context

The study program focuses on

  • the analysis and organization of personnel and organizational psychological processes,
  • the structure of customer relationships under the conditions of digital change, and
  • the psychological explanation of economic decision-making or innovation processes.

Students acquire comprehensive competencies in up-to-date fields of application in business psychology such as corporate health management, financial psychology, the areas of user experience or entrepreneurship. Methodological competencies (qualitative and quantitative methods) are the intellectual tools for highly qualified professions and are specifically developed during the program.

The Master's program M.Sc. Business Psychology can be studied at Campus Berlin and Campus Frankfurt Main in English (M.Sc. Business Psychology) and at Media University Cologne bilingually in German and English.

Regardless of the working language of the respective program, master's theses at Media University can generally be written in German or English. For examinations, this rule applies only by individual agreement and requires the consent of the lecturer of the respective module.

The study program in detail: Information flyer as PDF ⤓

Applicants: Graduates of general or specialized psychological studies programs

Target jobs: Business psychologists are in demand in all industrial and service sectors. There is a growing demand for workers especially in the field of industrial and organizational psychology. The typical work and task areas of academics qualified in business psychology include:

  •     Personnel management (recruiting, personnel selection and development, coaching, employer branding) in HR departments or personnel service companies
  •     Management consulting
  •     independent coaching, work as a trainer or consultant
  •     occupational or industrial psychology consulting
  •     media research/media effects research
  •     Marketing and advertising with agencies, in corporate marketing departments or as a consultant
  •     Market research for market research agencies or institutes or as in-house market researchers

General modules: optional subjects e.g. Media Law, Media Asset Management, Media Psychology, Intercultural Management

Specific modules e.g.: Recent Trends in Organizational Psychology, Occupational Health Management, Psychology of Marketing & Modern Market Research, User Experience & New Media, Human & Organizational Resources Management

The module schedule

The structure and content of the Media University programs are characterized by the division into interdisciplinary and subject-specific competencies.

All Media University Master's students can choose from six modules in the areas of fundamentals, technology and human factors, from which a total of three modules are selected.

In addition to the main subjects of Business Anthropology, Organizational Psychology, Occupational Health Management, and Decision and Financial Psychology with Advanced Statistics and Research Projects, the basic modules also include methodological and practice-oriented modules.

The subject-specific competencies in the M.Sc. Business Psychology program include six basic modules, four advanced modules and, as the last module, the master's colloquium. Of the four advanced modules, a total of three are taken.

The fourth semester is filled by the final Master's colloquium and the writing of the Master's thesis as part of an independent research project.

The specific semester schedule is subject to change.

  • A good or very good degree in general psychology or in a specialized area of psychology (university or university of applied sciences), or
  • a good or very good degree in economy or a social science subject (university or university of applied sciences), with at least 20 credit points acquired in psychology-related subjects and at least 10 credit points acquired in statistical/methodological subjects
  • plus internal assessment process

Please note: After your matriculation, we offer you a refund of the uni-assist fee in the amount of 75,00 € if you submit the original receipt to Media University.

Further information

  • ein guter bis sehr guter Abschluss eines allgemeinen oder speziellen Psychologiestudiums (Universität oder Fachhochschule) oder
  • ein guter bis sehr guter Abschluss eines wirtschafts- oder sozialwissenschaftlichen Studiums (Universität oder Fachhochschule)
  • Nachweis des Erwerbs von mindestens 20 Credit-Points in psychologischen Fächern und mindestens 10 Credit-Points in statistisch/methodischen Fächern.

Attention: If you do not have the required credit points (CP) in these areas, you can make them up at Media University under certain conditions! Provided that there is no overlapping of teaching times, the following modules can be taken within a pre-semester:

                For a total of 10 CP Statistics / Methodology:

                - Psychological Methodology (5 CP)

                - Statistics I (5 CP)

                For a total of 20 CP Fundamentals of Psychology:

                - Fundamentals of Psychology (5 CP)

                - Fundamentals of Business Psychology (5 CP)

                - Psychological market and media research (5 CP)

                - Media Psychology (5 CP)

Students who only need to make up one of these modules can still take it in the first semester of the Master's program. The prerequisite for this is that the schedule of classes for the module to be made up does not overlap with those of the regular schedule from the first semester of the subject.
Please note the fees for CP that have to be made up.

  • plus internal assessment process

Further information

If you already have 210 ECTS from your undergraduate studies, you may be able to shorten your studies by one semester.


Media University's Master's program M.Sc. Business Psychology is state-approved by the Berlin Senate Administration.

In addition, the program is accredited and certified by the FIBAA (Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation). It thus meets the highest international academic quality standards.

Business Psychology in the CHE University Ranking 2020/21: The subject at the Media University Berlin is among the top of all evaluated universities in several categories. Above all, the particularly high practical relevance and the support of students in the study entry phase are highlighted.

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