Interactive study program with high practical relevance: David Jüngling on his master studies in business psychology

David Jüngling is in his second semester studying the M.A. in Business Psychology. How does he like his studies so far, which courses does he enjoy most and what are his plans for the time after graduation? He answered these and more questions in this interview.

David Jüngling studies Business Psychology at HMKW Berlin.

David Jüngling studies Business Psychology at HMKW Berlin.

What do you so far particularly like about your studies at the Media University? And why did you choose the subject Business Psychology?

For several reasons: A small program and lecturers with practical experience lead to an interactive learning atmosphere in which there is always space for questions and discussion. Due to the very multinational group, which is very international due to the Master's programme being taught in English, this is often very stimulating and opens up new perspectives. What I really find exciting about Business Psychology is the connection between theoretical knowledge and practical application, for example, when it comes to the use of smartphones and their effects on our perception.

And it is precisely here that I like the university's affinity to media: a lot of courses focus on the current and future changes in our digitalized world, which are of course also immensely reflected in our working environment. But also extra-curricular courses, such as working on a joint show (first show of Talent Campus_Video you find here) and journalistic content, are super exciting. All and all an exciting and interactive study program with high practical relevance!

Even in the time when the university was strongly affected by the Corona crisis, Media University reacted quickly and switched completely to online teaching, without having to cut back on its programme. I was very positive about this and it shows the commitment of the university.


Which course do you like the most? And which future project/module/seminar are you looking forward to?

I particularly like the Human Resources & Organizational Management course, which deals with topics such as change management, which combines individual psychological aspects of employees with the view of the entire organization. I also thought statistics were really interesting - even if some of my fellow students would probably disagree with me here. But the teaching was really successful here too, thanks to many practical examples and exercises.  I'm also looking forward to the project module next semester, because there we have the opportunity to apply our skills in our own research project.

What comes to mind when you think about Media University? Describe your impression in one sentence:

The lecturers are very close to the students, the content is varied and relevant, and there are exciting activities in addition to the regular classes.

What are your plans for the future?

Since I am currently training to become a systemic coach, I can well imagine using the practical skills I learned there with my theoretical background in my later work in a personnel department or in a consulting firm. Part of the work should also be the moderation of workshops and other events related to change processes in organizations, groups and individuals. But for now: Another two semesters and then I will start to work on an exciting master thesis.

Thank you, Mr. Jüngling, for the interesting conversation and the insights into your studies. We wish you success at Media University and all the best for the future.