Blake Paul Kendall is Australian according to passport, based between Sydney and Berlin. Working across multiple mediums, the past was dedicated to collaborating with Indigenous communities in language preservation projects. Since 2013, his practise-led (re)search has been with Penan communities in Sarawak (Malaysia) with a focus on material engagement with the post-logged forests. Commitment entails that this is ongoing research with multiple iterations. Including films, performances, text-based and digital intervention modes.

More interested in dialogue than in answers, aspiring to the ‘Open Ended’. A student to life, and more formally a graduate of M.A. Visual & Media Anthropology (Freie Universitat Berlin) and B.A. Writing and Cultural Studies (University of Technology, Sydney). His practise can be defined as documenting resistance and alternatives to the dominant mode of life under Global Capital.

Key fields of enquiry include: the Anthropocene, Materialism as Sensuous Existence, Indigenous Knowledge Production, Doco-fiction Hybrid Films, De-politicised Beaurocratic Apparatus, the Virtual Paradigm, Hunting and the Ecosystem.