Campus Berlin Teaching Staff

Bahman Avaedi

IHK-Coordinator Campus Berlin, R. 2.19

B.A. Grafikdesign und Visuelle Kommunikation (dual)

B.A. Medien- und Eventmanagement (dual)

B.A. Medien- und Wirtschaftspsychologie (dual)



I am a communication designer and have worked in a wide range of roles in the field of media design since 1980. Currently, I am the Director of the Dual Training Programme at Media University and am also a Lecturer on the Programme. I also act as an auditor for IHK Berlin, as well as working as a communication designer.

As Director of the Dual Training Programme at Media University's Berlin campus, I am responsible for designing the content and focus of the Digital and Print Media Design, Event Marketing, and Marketing Communications parts of the curriculum.

As a Lecturer and Chairperson of the Examination Board for IHK Berlin in the field of Digital and Print Media Design, I assess the quality of media education in Berlin.

As a communications designer, I design and develop concepts for communication projects on behalf of a broad range of businesses and political organisations.

Tel. +49 (0)30 - 4677693 - 28