Get a taste of the daily work of an editor: Leoni Brill on her internship at the heute-show

Leoni Brill studies B.A. Journalism and Corporate Communications at Media University Berlin and is currently doing her internship at heute-show (Prime Productions GmbH) in Cologne. As an editorial trainee she researches topics and prepares them for the show. In the interview she talks about her experiences.

For Leoni Brill a dream came true with her internship at the heute-show.

For Leoni Brill a dream came true with her internship at the heute-show.

Hello, Mrs. Brill! You are currently doing your internship. How was the application phase like?

At first I thought about the media I could imagine doing an internship with. These are media that I personally like to use and therefore I was hoping for a lot of exciting experiences. I sent out many applications - most of them in the form of the classic application folder. To this day, I still don't have all the answers. Other companies asked me to send the application online again. I know, an application by folder is not really up-to-date. Nevertheless, I believe that an unsolicited application including all important documents in paper form is something special and above all will be remembered. And in the end I was successful. I am very happy about that - with this internship a dream has really come true.

You finally started your internship in October at Prime Productions GmbH, which also produces the heute-show. In which department are you working? What does your daily work routine as an intern look like?

I'm an editorial intern at the heute-show. The editorial office is responsible for proposing topics and preparing the content. So we supply the authors with the necessary background knowledge to write and present the show. We then check all information and facts in the show to make sure everything is correct in terms of content.

Which module contents from your studies have you already been able to put into practice?

Of course, I recognize some of the module content, including theoretical topics such as "Fundamentals of publishing and editing" from the first semester. In my daily work, however, practical knowledge, as learned in the modules "Print Journalism" and "Journalistic Practice", helps me most. Of course, research also plays a major role. This often takes place online. Knowledge from the subject "online journalism" is also very useful. Of course, teamwork and social skills are very important as well, i.e. interdisciplinary content. My internship focuses more on the journalistic aspect of my studies, which is why I have less contact with the field of practical corporate communications.


What do you particularly like about your internship so far?

I especially like the research. You deal with a topic in detail and develop specific background knowledge. After all, the TV show deals with current political and socially relevant topics - the research on these topics is of course particularly interesting.

Short summary: Could you imagine working in this field/company later on? To what extent has the internship already helped you to find out about your career goals?

Up to now, I was not sure in which direction I wanted to go in my professional life. Through my internship I realized that I enjoy editorial work and research very much. I can definitely imagine that for my professional future. Nevertheless, I would like to use the various opportunities in journalism to make different experiences and also to explore myself. I was able to do this very well during my studies.

Is the company interested in employing further Media University students as interns?

There's basically no reason why you shouldn't try to apply for an internship. Media University has highly motivated students and these are of course welcome everywhere.

Would you recommend an internship with this company to your fellow students?

Absolutely. As an intern, you are totally involved in the work and are also responsible for important work processes. I was also warmly welcomed by the team here. There is a pleasant working atmosphere and the work is simply fun.

Thank you very much for the interview, Mrs Brill. We wish you much fun during your internship and many exciting experiences.