Marcus Bartelt

Which degree program/course do you teach? Which module?

I teach a wide variety of aspects of marketing. In the master's programs:

  •     3MR Psychology of Marketing and Modern Market Research.
  •     I3M Introduction to Marketing and Media Management
  •     MR Market Research - PRDM

as well as Mp2 Psychology of Marketing and Advertising for Bachelor students.

What special practical expertise do you contribute to your teaching?

I have been working in marketing for about 30 years - with stations in cultural marketing, in trade and wholesale marketing and as the owner of my own agency for strategic communication. In addition, I have been teaching for 15 years and combine my insights from the companies and from my consulting activities with the teaching material to make it as lively and up-to-date as possible.

What comes to mind when you think about recent practice projects at Media University?

Students often have to deal with consumer behavior with me, and in particular with the question "How do I use the findings of motivational psychology to trigger customers' motives in a targeted way?". Also, the question of megatrends and their implementation in large companies always lead to exciting presentations and discussions.

Project work for clients always involves developing campaigns for social media or content for podcasts. However, in addition to the creative achievements that are made here, students also always learn how marketing departments work and what demands and ideas one is confronted with - valuable insights for their future careers!

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