Marketing internship with versatile insights in Vienna

To apply what she learned in her studies and gain new practical experience abroad: This was a strong ambition of Elena Fischer, student of M.A. Public Relations and Digital Marketing at Media University Cologne. Her internship at TROX Austria in Vienna gave her the chance to live and work for a while in one of Europe's most beautiful cities.

Elena Fischer is studying M.A. Public Relations and Digital Marketing at Campus Cologne.

Elena Fischer is studying M.A. Public Relations and Digital Marketing at Campus Cologne.

At which company and in which department did you do your internship?

I completed my internship at TROX Austria in Vienna. The company is active in the B2B sector and develops, produces and sells devices and systems for the ventilation and air conditioning of rooms. I worked there in marketing together with two other colleagues. The office in Vienna also coordinates the marketing campaigns of all Eastern European countries, so there was a lot of international collaboration going on.

How did you like it? Would you recommend it to other Media University students?

I really enjoyed my internship! I already did an internship abroad during my bachelor's degree, so I knew that it was a great opportunity for my own development. You learn a lot about yourself and what kind of challenges you are able to tackle. Moving to another country and working and living there is not always easy.

What was the biggest challenge during your internship abroad?

It's only when you're away from home for an extended period of time and can't see your family and friends that you realize how much you should actually appreciate something like that. You miss any birthdays, graduations or other important moments, you have to be aware of that.


Please tell us more about your areas of work: What were your main tasks during your internship? What content from your studies was reflected in your work or helped you in particular?

I worked with my colleagues on a reference folder in which all of TROX's important projects in Austria and Eastern Europe were presented. For this, I had to do a lot of writing and designing myself, which was quite a lot of fun. In addition, many appointments with photographers or representatives of the press had to be coordinated. Furthermore, I also worked on our website and optimized it for SEO, for example. I learned all these things in my studies.

Did the internship help you in terms of career aspirations and future plans?

During the internship, it became clear to me that I definitely want to work in a large international company. I really enjoy working on projects with colleagues from other countries.

What would you recommend to other Media University students for their internship/time abroad?

Look for an apartment early enough, preferably located in the city centre. In most cases, you have to rely on public transport during your time abroad and no one wants to have to commute forever by train when you've been out for a drink in the city in the evening. During my time in Vienna, I played field hockey there and in my opinion, sports are always good for making new social contacts and getting to know other people of the same age. Therefore, I would definitely recommend looking for a sports club.

Thank you very much for the insights into your internship abroad. We wish you all the best for your studies at Media University!