Department of Journalism and Communication Teaching Staff

Prof. Dr. Sabine Schiffer

Professor Campus Frankfurt

B.A. Journalismus und Unternehmenskommunikation



  • Basics of Corporate Communications
  • Media and Communication Management
  • Methodology: Qualitative Empirics Visual Communications

    Research and Teaching Focus

    • Media and Discourse Analysis
    • Strategic Communication
    • Intercultural Communication
    • Semiotics
    • Qualitative Methods of Social Research
    • Relationship between PR and Journalism
    • Representation of Minorities in the Media

    Curriculum Vitae

    • Author of several books: e.g. Anti-Semitism and Islamophobia – a comparative Analysis (2009), Media and Education (2013), Media and the Ukraine-Conflict (2014, ed. Anthology), Media Analysis – A Critical Textbook (2021)
    • 2018 Professorship for Journalism und Strategic Communications at Media University
    • 2017 Senior Lecturer at Media University of Applied Sciences in Frankfurt/Main
    • 2013 Co-Founding of the German Initiative for a Viewer Council of the Public Service Broadcasting
    • 2012/13 Lecturer at Deutsche Welle Academy for International Media Studies
    • 2006 –2009 Member of the Commission “Media and Integration” at the German Islam Conference / Ministry of the Interior (DIK)
    • until 2006 Lecturer for Linguistics at the department of German Language at Erlangen University
    • 2005 Foundation of the Institute for Media Responsibility
    • 2004 PhD in Linguistics, Media Sciences and Orientalistics (Coverage of Islam in German Media, published 2005)
    • 1995 additional studies in Politics, Economy, Orientalistics
    • since 1993: Lectures on Media Analysis, Speeches, Seminars and Publications on the national and international level; e.g. for international reception publications and participation at conferences: Doha (Int. Dialogue), Tel Aviv (Jews and Muslims in Germany), Jerusalem (Freedom of Speech), Haifa, (Iran in the Media), Paris, London, Zürich and Vienna (Islamophobia), Sanaa for the 40 years of German-Yemeni friendship et. al.:
    • 1993 Master of Arts (Romanistics, Anglistics, applied Linguistics)