Creative lockdown: Virtual semester show of the design department of Media University Berlin

Creativity knows no boundaries: Despite lockdown and quarantine blues, our graphic and communication designers have been bubbling over with ideas this semester. The most outstanding works and projects were shown at the virtual exhibition of Media University Berlin, which took place on Friday via Zoom.

Whether colourful branding concepts with eye-catching effects, dynamic Tiktok videos, practical apps for Corona times or unusual bachelor and master theses - the event showed very impressively the creative potential that slumbers in the design department of Media University Berlin.

The lecturers Jan-Henning Raff, Rasmus Giesel, Andine Müller, Nora Bibel, Steffen Leuschner and Jenny Bergström guided through the semester show in a varied way and reported on the challenges and opportunities of this unusual semester. A big highlight of the evening was the launch of the new website with all the students' work. Here you can browse and marvel at the students' ideas until further notice - and finish the summer semester in an inspiring way. Have fun exploring!