SEO: 'The TOP 3 on Google count, the rest is uninteresting'

How can one optimize their web presence to avoid ending up on page 2 in Google search ads, thus falling into digital insignificance? This is a central topic in online marketing, discussed by Argin Vartarian, Managing Director and Owner of 'Marketing Natives,' a Frankfurt-based full-service agency for digital marketing, with students in the Digital Marketing Lab module (Public Relations and Digital Marketing program) at Media University Frankfurt.

The SEO agency from Frankfurt has developed a five-tiered pyramid for this purpose, ranging from the basic requirements for a web presence (the 'existential needs') to a professional presentation of the company on social media ('Growth needs').

Being visible and being found by Google algorithms always remains the primary goal. Based on several case studies of small and medium-sized businesses prepared by the students, Argin Vartarian provided a detailed individual analysis of the nuances that matter and how to optimize one's online presence to increase the visibility and discoverability of their company.

This was a highly interesting and very practical workshop, and we would like to express our sincere thanks to the team at 'Marketing Natives' (Argin Vartarian, Tobias Machill, and Tatevik Vartanian-Grigoryan). The lecture was organized by Dr. Michael Raffel.